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Surgical Excision of Molluscum

molluscum surgerySurgical excision of molluscum contagiousm should be thought of as a last resort or in cases where the diagnosis is uncertain.  In other forms of molluscum treatment, the diagnosis is made clinically and the lesions are destroyed and never analyzed.  The clinical diagnosis of molluscum is usually very straight forward and therefore the traditional therapies are clearly indicated.  However, there may be times when the diagnosis is in question and in these circumstances, excision with histological confirmation is indicated.

Surgical excision usually involves the intial numbing of the site with local anesthesia and then removal with a scalpel.  The tissue is then sent for analysis.  The surgical site is bandaged and follow up care is given based on the preferences of the physician who performed the procedure (usally topical care for approximately two weeks).

The advantages of this form of treatment include the complete, immediate removal of the molluscum, plus obtaining the tissue sample to confirm the diagnosis.  On the other hand, excision is more likely to leave a mild scar or discoloration in the treated area and the numbing of the area involves a shot which is painful.  This form of treatment is therefore rarely used on children.

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