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Molluscum Curettage

molluscum curettageCurettage is a form of treatment in which a curette is used to remove the lesion.  A curette is a rounded surgical instrument (shown in the pitcure to the right).  This is placed over the molluscum bump and then pressure is applied allowing for the expression and extraction/removal of the lesions.

Molluscum curettage is performed by a physcian and takes place in the doctor's office.  Occassionally, the lesions will be nicked with a blade and then expressed.  A comedone extractor (more commonly used to get rid of blackheads) may be used as well where the doctor will essentially pop molluscum right off of the skin.

Curettage is often painful during the procedure as the curettes themselves are typically sharp and the pressure applied is significant.  It is usually reserved for patients with smaller total amounts of molluscum and those who can tolerate the discomfort of the treatment.  One advantage is that following the procedure, the molluscum are completely gone and no further treatment other than care of the site is required.

After curettage, there is typically a small area of bleeding and a bandage is placed.  Depending on the phsycian preferences, the treated areas may be followed up with twice daily application of hydrogen peroxide and a topical ointment to assist in healing.  This form of molluscum treatment may result in scarring or discoloration of the treated area.

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