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Molluscum Rash

When someone is infected with molluscum contagiosum they may develop a secondary rash.  Know as the molluscum rash or molluscum dermatitis, this is a rash that resembles eczema.

The molluscum rash is often red, scaly and involves the skin surrounding the actual viral bumps.  As with eczema, the rash is usually itchy.  Scratching the area may cause the skin to break down making it easier for the virus to spread.

This rash occurs in about 10% of patients with molluscum.  It may in fact be a sign that the body is beginning to “recognize” the molluscum as is mounting an immune response.  It is this immune response that in fact causes the rash to occur.

Treatment for molluscum dermatitis can include the use of topical steroids if extensive or particularly bothersome.  In addition, treatment of the underlying molluscum will also help to eradicate the rash.

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Molluscum Symptoms

Are there molluscum symptoms?  This is a common question and one that is relatively straight forward to answer.

In most cases, there are no symptoms associated with molluscum contagiosum at all.  The small, flesh colored/pearly bumps typically do not burn, itch, sting nor hurt.

There are times however that symptoms may occur.  Aound 10% of people with molluscum will develop an eczematous response.  This is seen as a red, scaly and often itchy rash thay usually occurs around the actual bumps themselves.

In addition, at times the molluscum may become inflamed or even infected.  At these times, they may appear red and can become tedner, even appearing like a pustule.  In these cases, it is advised to seek medical attention to treat the infection.

In summary, the usual course of this viral process is to have no true molluscum symptoms unless there is either a secondary infection or reactive eczema response.

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Welcome to the Molluscum Contagiosum Blog

We wanted to take a moment to welcome you to the No More Molluscum blog.  It is here that you will find the latest news and information regarding molluscum and its treatment.  You fill find general information, answers to common questions, and most importantly, molluscum treatment information. We strive to be the most comprehensive, complete and accurate information source about molluscum contagiosum anywhere.  We encourage you to participate and share your comments, questions and experiences (both positive and negative) with us.

You can also visit our No More Molluscum website for additional information.

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